Masterklinikken Mann Speilbilde

Satisfied men

Dag Erik Pedersen Masterklinikken

Dag Erik Pedersen

Former pro cyclist and TV personality

"In future it should be called the ‘Mastery Clinic"

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Masterklinikken Roar Strand

Roar Strand

Former Rosenborg and Norwegian national team player

"A colleague recommended the clinic after their own experience, and that made the choice simple."

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Masterklinikken Carl Erik Torp

Carl-Erik Torp

Former Brann player – football expert

“I really appreciated being alone at the clinic; that you don’t feel like it’s a conveyor-belt treatment.”

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Masterklinikken Oslo Steinar Hoen

Steinar Hoen

Meet Director for Bislett Games, former top athlete

“It was at a tribune that I first thought about the fact that someone was sitting behind me and looking down on my head”

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Haartransplantasjon Ole Martin Aarst

Ole Martin Årst

Expert commentator on TV 2, entrepreneur who runs his own companies.

“It’s a bit like chess: you’re just moving something around. But it’s my own hair that’s being moved”

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Masterklinikken Mats Rosseli Olsen

Mats Rosseli Olsen

Professional hockey player in Frölunda HC and national team player

“For me it was a big plus that I did not need to cut or shave my hair before the treatment”.

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Masterklinikken Oslo Frode Johnsen

Frode Johnsen

Former professional football and national-team player

“If I hadn’t done this, it would have been pretty bald on the top now!”

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Masterklinikken Tore Pedersen Oslo

Tore Pedersen

Football agent and former football pro

“I quite simply wanted a bit of my old self back”.

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Kai Ytterdal Masterklinikken

Kai Ytredal

Former hairdresser, founder of the salon chain Tango

“I think it’s pretty amazing that I can keep my hair the rest of my life instead of having to shave it off. In the course of four hours it was all done.”

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Christian Ingebrigtsen Hårtransplantasjon

Christian Ingebrigtsen


“I am very impressed!”

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Haartransplantasjon Hermansen

Tom Hugo Hermansen

Musician and song writer for Keiino and elsewhere

“It has become easier to achieve the hair style that I want, I’ve greater opportunities to style my hair as I want it, and it takes less time in the mornings!”

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Hernik Placht Masterklinikken

Henrik Placht

“It is an absolutely fantastic way of regaining self-esteem and feeling well-being”.

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Fredrik Stroenstad Masterklinikken

Fredrik Strømstad

Former professional football and national-team player

“I am impressed about the follow-up. It’s been top-rate”.

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Masterklinikken Jesper Malm

Jesper Malm


“It’s even more fun to have a haircut at the barber’s now, after only half a year”.

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Haartransplantasjon Christensen

Marius Roth Christensen

Soloist in the Opera, guitarist and vocalist in Seigmen

“Women colour their hair so as not to go grey. I moved hair to regain depth in one area. They are two sides of the same vanity.”

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Masterklinikken Arild Sundgot

Arild Sundgot

Football trainer and the all-time highest-scoring LSK player in the League.

“When I saw the picture of Roar Strand, I thought: if he can do it, so can I”.

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Per Erik Andresen Masterklinikken

Per-Erik Andresen

Hairdressing business

“No-one else can see that I have done anything; it’s entirely discreet”.

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Masterklinikken Henning Lofstad

Henning Lofstad

Purchasing Manager, XL Bygg

“I am very satisfied!”

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