Masterklinikken Fredrik Stroemstad

Fredrik Strømstad

Former professional football and national-team player

“I am impressed about the follow-up. It’s been top-rate”.

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“I don’t suit being either a monk or bald, so I wasn’t much looking forward to a future of that.”

“Over the course of a couple of years I noticed that my hair was getting a bit thinner. I therefore searched around to see whether it was possible to do anything about it. That’s when I found Master Clinic. And when I saw Roar Strand and Frode Johnsen, I thought, well, it can’t be such a big deal.  There are many men who get thin on top.  

I rang up and talked with Sten Thure Eriksen to hear how the treatment was carried out. It was a pleasant conversation, and after a bit of communication backwards and forwards I decided: let’s go ahead!

I don’t suit being either a monk or bald, so I wasn’t much looking forward to a future of that. Since the opportunity existed, I wanted to try it. I searched and checked out several different clinics. I knew nothing about hair transplantation or what it entailed. And there is something about when you know someone that you used to play football with. That stuck. If he can recommend this – someone who I know as a reputable and good man – then it’s worth trying and going ahead with for me too.

The treatment was very good. It was like finding yourself at a spa facility, where you can relax and enjoy it. I was well received by Sten and the others; it made a positive impression. I hadn’t prepared particularly well, so the treatment was more extensive than I had envisaged. But it wasn’t painful, and it all went very well.

What I have been most impressed about is the follow-up afterwards, which  has been top-rate. I managed to bang my head on something just after the treatment, and they were on the phone to give me advice straight away. Fortunately it all went well. The further follow-up in subsequent weeks confirmed for me that I’d made the right choice. There is a certain amount to think about in the weeks following treatment. And I work out with customer and had to plan that bit more. But I have had super follow-up all the way. Master Clinic has a crew of very pleasant people. And they don’t disappear: they are there for me, whenever and whatever. Kudos for that.  

It’s a month since I took the treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing the development and final result.”

The treatment was carried out without shaving or cutting Fredrik’s hair.