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Women, hair line and hair loss

More and more women are having hair transplants

Hair transplantation is a treatment we often associate with men. Master Clinic is experiencing increasing demand from women who wish to do something about their hair loss, as well as ever more approaches from women who all their lives have wished for a different hair line than nature has given them.  

Three different types of hair loss predominate among women who approach us for treatment.  


High temples – high hair line

High temples or a high hair line are the most common reasons that women seek treatment from us. Many people would prefer a different, normally somewhat lower, hair line, in which the hair frames the face in a more attractive and harmonious manner.

We have had very good experiences with adjusting women’s hair lines. The women we treat have often thought for a very long time that they would like a somewhat different hair line. The result is that they find their new mirror image to be more natural and correct for their face than previously.

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Diffuse hair loss and reduced, thinner hair.

Many people desire better and fuller hair growth. Our collaborating partners C Spesialist are able to help many of those who are looking for improved hair quality, hair growth and fullness. Some people find that they are experiencing hair loss without understanding why.

It may be the experience of the hair thinning all over, or of localised hair loss. Diffuse hair loss can have many causes. Illness, medicines, stress, hormonal changes and genes can be contributory factors. In many cases, we can also tell customers who come for consultations that the hair loss in all probability is temporary and that hair growth will return. For diffuse hair loss we need to assess your individual situation in order to find out whether our treatment can help.

If hair loss may be caused by Alopesi Areata, a chronic auto-immune hair disease that results in localised hair loss, we will pass you on to a dermatologist for diagnosis.

We collaborate with highly-skilled partners who offer solutions for hair replacement if you have Alopesi Areata.

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Scars and hairless areas

Many people come to us with scars in the scalp. A hairless area can also arise after an operation or injury.

In almost all such cases, hair transplants can fill out and cover scars and areas without hair.

The treated area can be fairly simply concealed until the hair has grown again, but for many people the only sign will be a little redness in the area with new hair. And this will in any case not be visible after the first 3-4 days.


Get a new hair line with your own hair

We use the same method for hair transplantation on women and men. We move hair follicles from the back of the head to your new hair line.

A difference between women and men is that women almost always have a rich donor area on the back of the head. Men who are likely to lose even more hair along the way will need a new treatment with us to maintain fullness of hair. Where we consider it likely that there will be considerable hair loss, we will not be able to offer treatment.

For women it is different. Women who wish to adjust their hair line at the front do not risk losing more hair, as men often do. This provides assurance that women will only need one treatment, with a result that lasts a lifetime.  

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Stronger, fuller, healthier hair

Medical hair treatment

Medical hair treatment defers hair loss, or halts early-stage hair loss, providing stronger hair. The treatment is carried out by a doctor, takes about 45 minutes and is painless. You will feel better with fuller and healthier hair.  

C Spesialist (formerly Herreklinikken) introduced the “UCLA-method” for hair growth in Norway and established the “medical hair treatment”.

Would you like to know more about medical hair treatment for stronger, fuller and healthier hair?

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Aesthetic skills

Designing a hair line makes great demands on the doctor’s skills and experience because the aesthetic aspects of the hair line framing the face can be viewed from all angles. All our doctors are specialists in the field and in the hair-transplantation method. In addition, we place emphasis on the doctor’s aesthetic training. Our specialist physicians understand the aesthetics of every hair that needs to be moved. Aesthetic skills are only developed through years of experience. All of our physicians are specialists in the field and all of them have carried out somewhere between a minimum of 5000 and up to more than 10000 treatments.


Discreet treatment

The actual treatment is carried out just once and takes more more than half a day. You may experience a little redness in the area in which hair is inserted in your new hair line, but the redness will vanish within a few days. Many people appreciate that it is possible to carry out a treatment and get a new hair line without having the need to tell anyone. It is a personal choice that is no-one else’s business, so it is good that you can choose for yourself whether to speak freely and openly about it, or if you prefer to cover over the area with hair until the hair in your new hair line has grown out. 

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Customer styory

Women as pioneers

It is only during the past couple of years that women have really become fully aware of hair transplantation.

Women are perhaps not used to thinking about hair loss in the same way as men; nor are they used to thinking that it is possible to do anything about high temples or about their desire for a somewhat different hair line.

Whether you wish to have the treatment and keep it to yourself or whether you wish to tell others about the treatment - even though it is not visible even immediately afterwards – we are glad that these wonderful women are sharing their experiences of hair transplants carried out by us.

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