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Sten Thure Eriksen

Sten Thure Eriksen

Managing Director and co-owner

Sten Thure Eriksen (b. 1968) trained as a hairdresser. In his work as a hairdresser he experienced how strongly many men and women are affected by hair loss.  

Sten Thure himself felt the need to do something about his own hair loss and therefore took a hair transplant with the same method that he helped introduce to Norway in 2009. The hair transplant was carried out by Dr Kosmidis. You can see the result of Sten Thure’s own treatment during the consultation.

Sten Thure’s background and long experience means that he has a great deal of knowledge about the aesthetic considerations and individual adjustments that are required to achieve a natural result. He can illustrate this for you during the consultation.

A consultation with Sten Thure forms the basis for the physician team’s assessment and approval of your treatment here. Master Clinic has dermatologists who will help if you, as a customer, have scalp issues that might need treating before a hair transplant can be carried out.

Dr. Kosmidis

Dr. Kosmidis

Specialist in hair transplantation and co-owner

Dr Kosmidis (b. 1981) is a co-owner and specialist in hair transplantation at Master Clinic. Hair transplantation has been his speciality since, as a newly-qualified doctor, he began to work in the field in 2007.

Dr Kosmidis has experience from London, Paris, Stockholm and Oslo.

Dr Kosmidis, Dr Palos and Dr Marmagiolis have each developed first-rate aesthetic skills by studying thousands of heads and and making individual adjustments for each individual customer. The goal is always to achieve a natural result.  

Dr Kosmidis is a member of the Norwegian Medical Association.

Dr. Marmangiolis

Dr. Marmangiolis

Dermatologist and specialist in hair transplantation

Dr Marmangiolis (b. 1977) has specialised in hair transplantation since  2006 and has built up significant experience in the field.

He previous worked for 7 years as medical director of the Medical Hair Restoration Clinic (MHR), a well-known clinic in Ireland.

Dr Marmangiolis is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and has experience from London, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Dublin, Stockholm and Oslo.

Dr Marmangiolis is a member of the Norwegian Medical Association.

Malin Wihlborg

Malin Wihlborg

Operations coordinator

Malin studied nursing at the University of Linköping. Malin is the first person you meet when you come in through our doors and is the person who provides follow-up after the treatment.  

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