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How we do it

Hair transplantation without surgery

Masterklinikken Kompetanse

Safe and well-tested method

Master Clinic uses the newest and most advanced method for treating hair loss. The method is safe, precise and has shown extremely good results in recent years.

Well-documented results

It is this method, which is used for reconstruction of eyebrows, beards and facial areas, that makes extra-high demands on precision and quality in order to achieve a natural result. The hair-transplantation method is well tested, well documented over a long period and provides a natural and stable result.

Masterklinikken Foer Behandling

No shaving, no cutting

We have specialised in carrying out hair transplants without having to shave or cut your hair. This means that it will not be visible where we have removed hair follicles. Those areas in which we place the follicles can be styled and covered in order to conceal the slight redness that will be there for a few days. You can see pictures at the bottom of this page.

Exceptions? We can always avoid cutting or shaving. But for certain individuals we may nevertheless recommend a haircut. Where a haircut is chosen, we will not shave the top of the head. When we meet, we will give you a professional assessment and work out what will suit you the best.  

  • «We carry out treatments 363 days a year»
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Step by step

You are welcome to free parking in our garage, from which you take the lift straight up to the clinic. When you arrive, Malin Wihlborg will meet you and show you to your own private room with a comfortable sofa, TV and Wi-Fi.

Masterklinikken Viker Haar

Step 1 – the desire to get your hair back


This customer is wishing to treat high temples and to gain a new hairline. Those who come to us are wanting to regain the image, the look and the hair that they formerly had.

The route to your goal begins with us with a consultation and a professional assessment of your possibilities. We will tell you what you can expect from the result.  

Masterklinikken Forberedelse

Step 2 – We draw up your hairline

Aesthetic considerations

Drawing up your natural hairline is an art that requires long experience. The hairline is appropriate to your age and shape of head. The doctor’s experience in recreating symmetry and taking care of the aesthetics is essential to the result. It will not be visible to the outside world that you have relocated hair follicles; your new hairline is designed to naturally reflect the hairline you had before the hair loss.  

Masterklinikken Foer Behandling

Step 3 – We advise – you approve


We will give you our best recommendation on the basis of the doctor’s experience. But you have the last word.

Masterklinikken Nonshave

Step 4 – Collecting hair follicles

First stage of the treatment

During the first stage of the treatment, we harvest hair follicles. We loosen follicles from the outermost skin surface, one by one. You will feel nothing and it will not be visible in this area that anything has been done: you will maintain natural hair density behind.

Masterklinikken Oslo

Step 5 – Break and lunch

Your comfort

During the break, we serve lunch in your room. You can eat, relax, watch  TV, use the internet and read the latest newspapers.

Masterklinikken Erfarne Leger

Step 6 – Hair follicles are implanted

Second stage of the treatment

During the second and final part of the treatment, we place the hair follicles back in. The follicle is inserted into the uppermost skin surface using an IMPLANTER pen, in the same direction and angle as before your hair loss. Your skin is elastic, so that no scars are left in the area into which the follicles are inserted. We locate the hair follicles gently and without surgery.  

Masterklinikken Etter Behandling

Step 7 – After treatment


When you go out the door after the treatment you will look the same as you did on arrival. It is not possible for others to see that we have removed hair follicles. This is only possible because our treatment does not involve shaving.

The area into which we position the follicles can be styled and covered, thus concealing the slight redness that will last a few days.  

You can also use a cap during the days immediately following the treatment.  

Masterklinikken Etter Behandling Viker Nonshave

Step 8 – feeling of well-being


Our customers return home with a feeling of expectation and well-being. You can look forward to having your hair back.  

Malin Wihlborg will provide you with active follow-up after the treatment.

Further down this page, you can watch a video showing how we carry out the treatment without the customer needing to shave or cut their hair.  

Presentasjon Ferdigbehandlet

Quickly and efficiently

The entire treatment takes about four to five hours.

Masterklinikken Faglig Vurdering

Natural and permanent

The transplanted follicles will produce hair throughout your life because the donor area is resistant to baldness.  

Customer stories
Masterklinikken Jesper Malm

Results within a year

Implanted hair will gradually grow out; after some 9-12 months it will cover the treated area.  

The video shows how hair transplantation is carried out without the customer having to shave or cut hair.

Masterklinikken Stenthure

Welcome to a free

Conversation and assessment without commitment

I have been working in the field for 25 years, have had the treatment myself and have carried out some 15 000 consultations with men and women who wanted a no-obligation assessment of their possibilities of getting their hair back.

You’re welcome to call me on (+47) 400 76 700, or send me your phone number here – and I’ll contact you.

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