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Philosophy and values

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Open and transparent

  • The customer has the right to full insight into every aspect of our method and treatment.
  • References and recommendations from our customers are presented with full names.  
  • We are open about our prices and about how we determine the price for each individual customer.
Masterklinikken Konsultasjon Sten

Honest and truthful

  • We present our analysis and our assessments with 100 percent integrity to each individual customer.
  • We put our honour into giving the customer realistic expectations of the result.
  • We are not able to help everyone – we would rather have one less customer than to sell false hope.
Masterklinikken Konsultasjon

Respect and trust

  • Our customers have the right to 100 percent discretion before, during and after treatment.
  • We will ensure we are deserving of our customers’ faith by keeping to our values.
  • Our customers trust us because we do not promise more than we can deliver.

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We at Master Clinic own and run the clinic ourselves. Satisfied customers are therefore the driving force for everything we do.