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Market leaders in Norway in

Hair transplantation

Master Clinic uses the newest and most advanced method for treating hair loss. The method is safe, exact and yields extremely good results.

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The treatment is gentle and is carried out without a scalpel and stitches.  


Our treatment does not require shaving or cutting. No-one will be able to see that you have had a treatment.

Natural and lasting

The transplanted hair follicles will produce hair throughout your lifetime.

Guarantee and finance

We offer various financing packages. Our guarantee of satisfaction is your security.

Masterklinikken Erfarne Leger

See the treatment step by step

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Masterklinikken Carl Erik Torp
Carl-Erik Torp

Former Brann player – football expert

“I really appreciated being alone at the clinic; that you don’t feel like it’s a conveyor-belt treatment.”

Masterklinikken Oslo Steinar Hoen
Steinar Hoen

Meet Director for Bislett Games, former top athlete

“It was at a tribune that I first thought about the fact that someone was sitting behind me and looking down on my head”

Masterklinikken Mats Rosseli Olsen
Mats Rosseli Olsen

Professional hockey player in Frölunda HC and national team player

“For me it was a big plus that I did not need to cut or shave my hair before the treatment”.



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Masterklinikken Kvinner Menn

Modern and comfortable

In the heart of Oslo

You are always welcome for a consultation, without obligation, at our clinic in Majorstua in Oslo, or for a web-based meeting if you live a long way away.

Masterklinikken Stenthure

Welcome to a free

Conversation and assessment without obligation

I have been working in the field for 25 years, have had the treatment myself and have carried out some 15 000 consultations with men and women who wanted a no-obligation assessment of their possibilities of getting their hair back.

You’re welcome to call me on (+47) 400 76 700, or send me your phone number here – and I’ll contact you.

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