Masterklinikken Haar Kvinne

Thea Vibe

Social worker

“It’s good that people now are talking more about women and hair transplants, so that more people can discover the possibilities.”

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“I’ve had rather high temples and wish to get more fullness in this area. I’ve  been thinking about it for several years, but I’ve only seen pictures of men and hair transplants and have been unsure about the opportunities for women to carry out this sort of treatment.  

I want to look better
Some, perhaps, find that high temples hold them back and do something about their self-image. I don’t recognise this feeling. For me, it’s just a small change that means I can feel a bit better about my own mirror image. It doesn’t affect my self-esteem. It’s good that more women are coming forward and saying that this is just as good and relevant for us as it is for men.  

I found Master Clinic by a Google search
I looked up hair transplantation on Google, then clicked and read up on Master Clinic. I also considered three clinics in the Oslo area, but Master Clinic seemed the most reputable. I had a free consultation with Master Clinic and with another clinic, but Master Clinic felt like the safest choice.

A good experience of the treatment at the clinic
The treatment was very quick; I was finished after a few hours. The doctors and everyone at Master Clinic were professional and precise, and I was given good information both about the plans for the day and what was to happen, and during the treatment itself. The period after the treatment went fine; I was given a brochure and it was easy to deal with what I was to do and would I could expect later. I received very good follow-up afterwards.

Feel sure that it will look natural and good
I had the treatment in February and with Master Clinic I feel secure and confident that it will look natural and good when it grows to its final result. Not because anyone will see a big change, but because I will notice it and see it myself. I’m looking forward to it.”

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