Masterklinikken Kai Ytterdal

Kai Ytredal

Former hairdresser, founder of the salon chain Tango

“I think it’s pretty amazing that I can keep my hair the rest of my life instead of having to shave it off. In the course of four hours it was all done.”

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“I’ve gained some thicker hair on the forehead; it’s entirely different against the face when you get thicker hair. I’ve gained more and more hair for every month that has gone by since the treatment; the past two or three months it’s really been very noticeable when I’m doing my hair. I get a much more coordinated hairstyle. I was a founder of the Tango hair salon chain in 1999. I no longer work as a hairdresser, but in Tango we have 29 shops as well as a chain called Vox with around 80 shops. I thought it was a good thing to test out myself as I see it’s a good facility to display in our salons, and especially the Tom Wolf concept, which is a man’s concept. So now our customers are really able to see what opportunities there are to get more hair.

It is just a little operation, but I think it was painless. I was very well looked after and was able to take part on the process and see how they took hair from the back of the head and reimplanted it into the head. Within four hours it was all done. I think it’s fairly amazing that I may be able to keep my hair for the rest of my life instead of having to shave it off. This is what men ought to try when they get the chance.

I chose Master Clinic because I knew of Sten Thure Eriksen and have seen what the clinic stands for. I’ve kept an eye on the media and thought that  Master Clinic seemed to be a safe and good place for me to try. There was no pain either, so I think this has exceeded all expectations.”  

The treatment was carried out without shaving or cutting Kai’s hair.

Tidligere frisør, grunnlegger av frisørkjeden Tango