Arild Sundgot Masterklinikken

Arild Sundgot

Football trainer and the all-time highest-scoring LSK player in the League.

“When I saw the picture of Roar Strand, I thought: if he can do it, so can I”.

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“I Googled and found Master Clinic on the web. When I saw the picture of Roar Strand, I thought: if he can do it, so can I. It helps to see other people you know from other areas and from football.

I’ve been thinking about it for two or three years. Then you go from thinking about it to doing something about it. So I got in touch with Master Clinic and had a chat with Sten Thure Eriksen. It felt safe and good, so I booked a consultation appointment. I was very well received and was taken seriously by someone who wanted to do what it was that I wanted to achieve.

The treatment went fine. First part of the treatment, then lunch and then the second part. It was all painless and they were skilled people who carried out the work. You just lie there and chat with the people who are carrying out the treatment. I was given very good information along the way, about how they were working and what was to happen.

Master Clinic is serious and well-run, and I was very satisfied with how I was received, from the first day right up to now after completed treatment. Now I’m just looking forward to the results. My expectation is to fill out in the places where I’ve lost hair on the temples and that I’ll recover what I had ten years ago.”

The treatment was carried out without shaving or cutting Arild’s hair.